John Griesser is an American film director, cinematographer, and photographer whose work spans nearly 50 years. On assignment as a photojournalist, John began documenting the Hare Krishna Movement in 1970 and in the subsequent decade continued to capture the group's growth and influence in the rapidly-expanding yoga and kirtan scene. He is best known for his documentary work in capturing the unique spiritual and traditional cultures of India and in 1978 produced the award-winning documentary, Vrindavan: Land of Krishna. Now, 35 years later, his project Hare Krishna! revisits the group providing a behind-the scenes insight into the founder of one of the most high profile spiritual groups of the 20th century.

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Jean Griesser, an award-winning photographer, writer, and filmmaker, has produced more than 150 written and photographic essays as well as numerous books. She has authored three books based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is, one of which won the Independent Publisher Book Award in 2011. Jean has worked side-by-side with her husband in making documentary films.

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Lauren Ross, a Sydney-born creative, has worked across film and theatre production as a writer, director, and producer. After completing a degree in film and media at UNSW, Lauren studied directing and documentary at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), training under filmmakers such as D. A. Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, Bob Connolly, and Gillian Armstrong. Lauren has traveled extensively and is currently working as an independent filmmaker, having recently made films in both Africa and India, in conjunction with NGOs such as Children in the Wilderness and Women Against Rape.




Coralie Tapper, a producer, production manager, and stage manager, has been working throughout the world on a creative multi-platform. After completing a degree in Media (Film and Television) at Swinburne University, she worked as producer of Melbourne’s Channel 31 Breakfast television show Get Cereal, Spiegelworld’s Off Broadway Tour of EMPIRE, Australia’s leading radio network DMG Radio for Nova 100, Edinburgh's Fringe Festival 2013, and most recently worked for Disney’s The Lion King Musical UK Tour in Edinburgh. Most recently, she produced the award-winning short In a Cane Field.




Jessica Heinrich has been working in the film and television industry since graduating from a Bachelor of Arts (USYD) and a Masters of International Communication (MQU). Starting her career at BBC Worldwide in Sydney, she worked across marketing and distribution, learning from many experienced professionals about successful screen business. After doing a course in Producing at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), she found her passion for production. Currently she works as a producer and writer.




Krishna Sanchez is an editor and filmmaker from Los Angeles. Since a young age he has always had a camera in his hand and is now translating that passion into his career. He studied film at Inner City Filmmakers and West Los Angeles College, specializing in editing. He has worked on a variety of media forms including short films, television, and documentaries. He is most well-known from his short documentary, Festival of India, which he directed, filmed and edited.




Hilary Zakheim picked up filmmaking at age 11 and during her teens went on to win numerous awards for her short films on spirituality and ecology. She has also worked as a cinematographer and editor for a variety of commercial and independent documentaries and promotional videos. She received a diploma in Screen at SAE, Australia, and recently completed her Bachelor in Vaishnava Theology with Chester University, UK. She aspires to create transformative films, which inspire the heart and soul.




Adric Watson is a Director of Photography and is currently based in Sydney. Over the past few years he has shot short drama and documentary, commercial, corporate, and music videos. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television at Queensland University of Technology and afterwards spent the next few years working on independent shorts before moving to Mumbai, India, where he worked as a cinematographer. He has completed a Graduate Diploma in Cinematography at AFTRS. In recent years, he has been working internationally with major brands such as Jeep and filming award-winning music videos for artists such as Troye Sivan and Chris Stapleton.



Widely recognized and respected in the entertainment, academic and spiritual communities as the go to composer for feature films with spiritual themes, award-winning music composer Michael R. Mollura has proven himself over and over again that composing music is not only a job, but a form of devotion. His original music work on such critically acclaimed films as AWAKE: THE LIFE OF YOGANANDA, CLIMATE REFUGEES, THE HIGHEST PASS and countless others including films found on HBO and NETFLIX, have set groundbreaking standards for spiritual music in film that incorporates depth, soul and an understanding of the art of cinema. Mollura's compositions for HARE KRISHNA are considered to be among his strongest and biggest scores to date that includes the versatility of authentic sacred Ragas from India, to western orchestrations and even world-driven electronic groove music. Mollura takes great pride in being able to compose music of almost any genre, and with every score one can hear many sounds and traditions all packaged in a mosaic of images and sounds that are aligned with soul.




Courtney Mulvay is a Perth-born, Sydney-based Production Designer. After completing a Foundation Diploma at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, she found that her passion lay in the designing worlds. She went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Production Design at AFTRS and has since been working in Sydney and abroad on productions such as Mad Max: Fury Road. She recently traveled to Japan and India, working on the international platform.

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Kuvalesaya is an art professional, trained from childhood in art restoration, conservation, and construction. His love for design and conceptualization inspires his filmmaking as well as helps him to create a sacred space for festivals around the world. He has worked on numerous commercial and independent documentaries and promotional videos. He currently directs and designs the Nam Walli clothing brand, aiming to help revive the traditional methods of block printing in India. He is truly a master of all trades.